New Measures to Ensure YoBike Availability

The team at YoBike, Bristol’s new bicycle sharing scheme, is immensely proud of the warm welcome  the initiative has received from Bristolians since its launch a month ago. The 10,000-strong community of YoBikers complete some 1,800 rides across the city each day. This is something we, and the community itself can feel great pride in. 
We are of course disappointed that vandalism and theft have begun to negatively affect the experience of our YoBike riders in Bristol, meaning Bikes are no longer available to hire, when identified by users in the YoBike App.

Whilst these issues are caused by a tiny minority of the community, we feel a strong need to respond to ensure we continue to provide a great experience for YoBikers.
We are currently retrofitting all YoBikes with cable locks to allow them to be fixed to existing bike stands and racks. 

We are also implementing more robust parking measures. Users will now be required to park their YoBike at one of the hundreds of parking locations displayed within the App. Failing to do so will trigger a warning in the first instance, with a penalty charge being applied for repeat instances.
Launching YoBike in Bristol was always about us learning, and adapting the initiative to create the most successful, sustainable bike-sharing solution for communities right across the UK and Europe.

What we have experienced in Bristol is overwhelming support and demand for YoBike. Bristolians' adoption of the initiative outpaced even our wildest hopes.
Theft and vandalism is disappointing, however we have always had these measures at the ready, should they be required.

These measures were developed in our other markets, and have already proved very successful in combatting bike theft and vandalism. That said, we will also be implementing a number of additional anti-theft and anti-vandalism measures in the coming weeks.
Bristol is our home and we are completely committed to working with the community and council to ensure YoBike remains a core part of Bristol’s transportation landscape. This is especially pertinent in a city that has been highlighted as one of the most congested in the UK.