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How YoBike Works


YoBike is a completely new style of shared-cycling programme. There's no docking stations, limited bike availability or 30 minute maximum cycling penalties. Our motto is pretty simple 'Get Around for Just £1' and that simplicity is something we carry right through our scheme. With YoBike it's as simple as 1, 2, 3. Download the App, Unlock the Bike, & Lock up when you're done. To get moving, just follow the steps below.


1. Download

The first step to getting on your YoBike is to download the YoBike App. Open the Google Play, or iTunes App Store App on your smartphone and search 'YoBike'.

Once your download is finished, launch the App, and follow the registration process, it shouldn't take more than about 2 minutes to get setup.

2. Locate & Unlock

Now you're registered, you'll want to find your closest YoBike. You can locate bikes near you from the Homepage of the YoBike app. If you need to re-centre your app, simply press the GPS locator target.


Once you've found a bike near you, simply scan the QR code on the rear of the Bike's frame. YoBike will unlock, your 60 minutes of hassle-free cycling starts now!


If your bike fails to unlock, press 'Manually Enter Bike No,' to enter the 7 digit code on the side of the bike.



3. On Your YoBike

All done with YoBike? Two things before you go.

  • Check the in-app Map to park your YoBike next to one of the hundreds of allocated parking spaces across your region.
  • Close YoBike's lock on the rear wheel and mark your trip as completed within the YoBike App. 


Remember! Please be courteous to other cyclists when parking YoBike. 




Pounds vs. Pennies

We offer a number of pricing options based on your amount of cycling. From regular PAY G to Daily Tourism Tickets, and our annual Commuter Pass.


PAY G - Get around for just £1

PAY G is best for if you're just getting on-board, or a non-regular rider. For just £1 you'll receive 1 hour's riding on your chosen YoBike. 

The £5 Day Pass

The £5 Day pass allows riders 24 hours of uninterrupted, hassle-free cycling.

You don't need to sign-up for the Day Pass. As soon as you exceed 5 hours of riding, we'll automatically apply it to your account.

£39 Annual Commuter Pass 

Ready to commit to the Revolution? Our annual commuter pass gives you 2 hour-long rides, per day, every day for a whole year. That's just 5p a ride!

To sign-up simply tap 'My Membership' within the menu of the YoBike App.